About Us

Universal Films started with a mission to empower young talent with good acting skills, dancing, and performance skills to convey positive messages to the community through our films, dance events, and productions. We welcome young talent, invest in their skills and ensure that their career in the film industry has well supported, guided to reach the heigts of success through our dance and film training programs, and our productions.

Our vision is to create many productions with our casts (graduates) who can contribute to our mission. We believe that acting is not just a source of income, it is a skill to touch the hearts of our viewers through meaningful & positive stories embedded in our films, dance events, & productions.



Gandham Vidya Sagar, a humble, misison oriented Lead Actor, Artist, Director, Producer heads the team at Universal Films and takes active part in the services offered by the product house.

He has done many films on different generes and is now actively supporting young talent in their journey of becoming future stars through Film & Stage Productions and Training.


Founder. Lead Actor, Producer

Universal Films